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Prayer for everyone.

Prayer is the ultimate in positive affirmation. PrayerSpark helps you to access the power of prayer, even if you don’t adhere to any particular religion.

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A world of many faiths.

Priests, Shaman, Spiritual Guides, Yogis, Rabbis, Monks… PrayerSpark gathers together a world of faiths and cultures for you to explore and share.

Pray your own way.

Your spirituality is unique. Whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, unaffiliated, or “none of the above”, PrayerSpark enables you to provide spiritual messages of love and support to everyone, regardless of their own beliefs.

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Send Love and Support, Everywhere.

PrayerSpark is free, and you can use it to send a prayer to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you choose, you can attach spoken prayers or affirmations to flowers, greeting cards, prayer flags and more for an additional fee.
82% of the revenues from those flowers and cards go directly back to the Spiritual Leader who said your prayer, to continue their good works ...
a kind of hyper-local charitable giving.

One light many colors.

Your prayer is also an instrument of social good.
Use PrayerSpark to search for Spiritual Leaders who support people in need or causes you believe in. Every prayer you entrust to them helps them in their cause.

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We're all different people, but we're connected through our humanity.
PrayerSpark is a community rooted in our ability to create change through positive messaging.
Even if you don't have a faith or believe in the power of prayer, you can be touched by positive words spoken to you by people who do. You don't need to be part of any organized religion to send a prayer through us, but it's okay if you are.

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